Friday, July 6, 2012

Went to a garden party...

How cool is this for an outdoor garden party!   Wow where is my invitation to this soiree?  Love it.

  There was the coolest garden cake that I have ever seen.  Can you imagine putting this baby together. How gorgeous !  (almost too good to cut into)

Invite your family and friends.  Everyone is guaranteed an awesome time.

              Visit the official website of Garden Party World, the mmo created by Asylum Entertainment.

Garden Party World is a fun and safe online world for children to meet, chat, make friends and play games. Create & dress up your own character, decorate your tree-house and host parties with your gardener friends. There are creative games to play, stunning locations to discover, valuable orbs to collect and magical seeds to grow.

This looks like it is such a fun community to join up with.  Enjoy this summer escape into the garden whether in reality or virtual.  Read on.  Until next time......blessings.
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