Thursday, July 12, 2012

The perfect gift for a new mom

Here's a really cute back-to-back edition of These are My Hands/These are My Feet, written and illustrated by Judy Horacek, and published by National Library of Australia. The text is very simple in both - the charm lies in the illustrations which are bold, simple and colourful. Kids are fascinated from babyhood with what their bodies can do, and the books capitalise on that. 

These are My Hands/These are My Feet would make a perfect choice for a baby shower gift, for pre-schools and kindergartens, and for children from 3 - 5. I'm including the five-year-old set because this sort of children's picture book is perfect for youngsters to "read" from memory. They also pick up contextual cues from the pictures and repetition, and end up feeling that wonderful sense of reading achievement.  You cannot start reading to your child too early.  (The womb is good.)  The child loves your voice, your expressions, but most of all the quality time that you spend with him/her over a good book.  Read on.  Read always.
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