Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Been Way10 to review this

“Are you usually prompt, or do you 10d 2 be l8 and keep others w8ing?” “What is the lati2ude and longi2ude of where you live?” This combination of words and numbers comes from a great new book for young readers called Wumbers, wri10 by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and illustr8ed by Tom Lichtenheld.
These clever combinations of numbers and words will have you and your child puzzling out the meaning behind comments such as, “Here’s the plan: I’ll climb the s2l and go str8 to the cookie jar. You be on the lookout 4 Mom.” In the process, your child can practice reading and verbal number skills. The colorful illustrations are fun and whimsical, like the drawing of children on a swing with flying 10ies.
Wumbers is a book I would imagine children asking their parents to read to them again and again. It’s also one I expect they would pick up on their own to puzzle out the word/number combinations. I recommend it for readers aged 4 and over.
This book pays tribute to William Steig's book "CDB."  It was written a while ago and I still have a copy because I thought it was so smart and made you decipher and think your way through to puzzle out those words.  Highly recommended and hot off the press.  Was published May/2012.  Get your copy today, start puzzling and read on together.
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