Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What a great book....what would you name your hands?

Sadie and Ratz are the names of Hannah's hands. They aren't animals, but they behave like wild beasts, says Dad. For one thing, they're always after four-year-old Baby Boy (whom Sadie wishes were a dog). They jump onto his head and try to rub his ears off. Baby Boy knows how to turn the tables, though, and when he spills milk on the carpet, he tells Grandma that Sadie and Ratz pushed him. But when Baby Boy goes too far, Hannah may have to send Sadie and Ratz on vacation to prove their innocence. Multi-award-winning author Sonya Hartnett brings her original sensibility, wry humor, and engaging characters to a younger audience, aided by Ann James's inviting illustrations.
 What a great book from a great author.  Check out her other books too for your child's reading enjoyment.  After you read this book together brainstorm and find names that you would like to give to your hands.   You can even take a washable marker and print the names on each hand just for fun.  Have the whole family join in by having a  "naming party."  For the next month or so refer to your hands by name and track where and what your hands get into to.  Hands can take on a life of their own and we must be careful to guard what they do.  Make sure your hand's antics are connected to your brain and your heart.  Blessings and read on.
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