Thursday, August 16, 2012

A book for everyone day!

  No one is a dummy.  No one is hopeless when it comes to deciphering reading symbols....words!  
At every level of life there is an age-appropriate book.  Infants have books to chew on and put into the bathtub,  young children have oodles of books to browse, read the pictures, or plough even an easy- read novel.  The amount of books available is staggering and everyone has the ability to choose one that tickles their fancy and to actually "read" it no matter what their reading style.

   Do not be discouraged if your child  refuses to pick up "an actual book" and enjoy its content from cover to cover.

  Find ways to stimulate their interest in words and never, ever give up.  Words rule our world.  Words are found all around us....on cereal boxes at breakfast,  on signs as we drive in the car, on t-shirts and computers.  Words are everywhere.  Point them out to your child.  Read them out together.  Play games with words.  Have days where your day trip is to the local library.  Enjoy  the sound and rhythm of your language.  Sing songs to each other whenever you can.  Learn silly poems and nursery rhymes to fill in the silent gaps of the day.  Challenge your child with language literacy.  It is not only fun but so rewarding to your child's reading success.

May this be your child in the days to come......

Happy reading.  Happy weekend.  I am having a short week on this blog as I am heading up north to my mom's 90th birthday party to celebrate  her long, happy life.  Blessings to you until we connect again next week.
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