Friday, September 28, 2012

Eat your words.....

  Words can be a lot of fun.  Word games can be exciting and inspirational.  Eating words can be very, very fulfilling for a beginning reader.  Here are some ideas for you.

  Purchase a bag of smarties and before you indulge create some colourful words for your child to read out loud to you.   When you have switched up many words .... go head and ....gobble them up.

Make a 3-D candy gram out of real items.  This was one that a wife made for her husband but you can use the idea, modify it and make one for your kids.  The best part is that after you have read the message to each other .... go ahead those words!

Some candies come with words right on them.  Buy some of those cute little hearts that are usually out for Valentine's Day and read the words orally before you pop them in your mouth.  Yum!

Purchase the game of Candy Land for your kids to explore and enjoy.  It still is one of the most favourite games of kids around today...a classic really.

You can also create your own words by baking and decorating words on cookies, cakes and cupcakes. You can print names, events, etc. to personalize the words  specifically for your kids.  Choose recipe, read it out loud as you mix it up and pop it in the oven.   After the cooling period proceed to mix up different colours of icing and get busy.  Kids can practise printing words with icing and have a blast doing it.  Soooo good... both for reading skills and for your tummy!

Candies are created for many different occasions.  Buy specific candies for that time of the year and  then research the legends as to how these candies were chosen.   For instance we only get candy canes at Christmas time.  Research the history of why that is so.  We get Easter eggs at Easter. Why?  This can be a very informative project for kids.

Finally.... have fun with words and candies.  Read on and be sure to include a toothbrush at the end of each session.  Blessings today.

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