Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Baby that Roared....LOL book!

Some parents are blind to the faults of their beloved babies.
Mr. and Mrs. Deer are desperate for a baby to love and cuddle and read stories to. One morning they find a roaring bundle on their doorstep: their dream come true! Mr. Deer thinks the baby looks peculiar—it's bright blue, with a lot of sharp teeth—but Mrs. Deer won't hear a word of it. The hungry baby won't eat cheese or toast or vegetables. The Deers ask Uncle Duncan, a purple owl, for advice; Duncan declares that the baby needs warm milk. The Deers heat some in the kitchen, and when they return, Duncan is gone. The same mysterious mishap occurs when the Deers consult Aunt Agnes, a cute blue bunny, for advice on changing baby, and go to Dr. Fox to see if baby is sick. Granny Bear saves the day when she lifts the baby firmly to burp it. She pats and pats and pats, triggering an enormous eruption that unleashes green food bits...and the three missing animal advisors! Grandma Bear declares that it's a "Monster!" Puttock's fractured fairy tale unfolds with measured mirth, and all of Shireen's digitally depicted creatures are adorable, even the little monster. 
Both cute and creepy; for those seeking relief from unrelieved sweetness in their children's books. (Picture book. 3-6)

I think you really will enjoy this little book.  It is sure to bring a huge bout of laughter from both the reader and the listener.  Read on and enjoy!
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