Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Dot. Book Review for you.

Vashti sits in art class uninspired and frustrated. When her teacher suggests she just ‘make a mark and see where it takes you’, Vashti defiantly places a dot in the centre of the page and hands in her work.

Her teacher’s response sets Vashti on a wonderful journey exploring the many ways she can make her mark using dots until she finds herself able to use her experience to encourage another frustrated young artist.
Peter Reynolds, with his philosophy of encouraging children to ‘make your mark’ is one of my favourite author/illustrators. I love the way his books, particularly The Dot and Ish, encourage children to explore their creativity and celebrate their imagination. 

The illustrations in this book are delightful and the message an important one for children to learn. I  love this book and I have recommended it to many friends since I first discovered it. Definitely one of my family favourites. 

We all feel at one time or another ... inadequate.  This books shines a light on this subject and brings it out to talk about.  I love books that cry out for conversation and discussions.  This is one of those books.  We all have gifts and talents ready to be discovered.  We all have someone around us to encourage us and bring out the best in us.  Whether that person is a parent/teacher/guardian/ sibling/ friend etc.  we all can encourage and praise others throughout their life journey.  Great book.  Great message.  Read on.
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