Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Book party....you all are invited

  What to do to snap out of this cold weather coma?   Have a literacy party or a book party.

Parties are always full of fun and excitement and book parties are easy to plan and to put on.  First of all select a cute little invitation to deliver to those you want to attend.

You can design an invitation that is just perfect for the type of book party you want to throw. Another suggestion is....

Once you have established your details and theme then ask each child that comes to bring a book that  he/she  can swap with another guest.  You can have the kids read their books out loud to each other or you can choose some books to read to the whole group.

You also can have food available if you wish, a craft time where you make bookmarks or book plates for books etc.  Be creative and have fun!

If you are really brave you can make it a sleep over and read books by flashlight before bedtime for a grand finale!

Book parties are great!  Maybe you can start the party and someone else can have the next one...and so on and so on.

Read on.  Blessings.

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