Monday, January 21, 2013

Get your head in the clouds....

  Clouds are fascinating!  There is nothing better to do on a warm summer's day than to lay flat on your back, stare up into the bright blue sky and watch the clouds drift lazily by.  You associate clouds with nature and weather.  Just for a fun word recognition exercise use a cloud to help out.  How would you do that you ask?  Let me tell you how.

First of all get a huge piece of paper and a marker (I would use all colours of markers just to make it beautiful).  At the top of the paper draw a big, huge, humungous, puffy, white cloud.  Something like this...

 Inside that cloud you are going to record an "explosion" of weather words for your child to see and play with.  Have your child give you as many words as he/she is able that are related to the weather theme.  You print those words neatly inside the cloud.  After your child has drained his/her brain going through the thinking process then read the words inside the cloud together.  If your child cannot recognize the word then just tell him/her quickly and move on to the next word.

Your child can then decorate the rest of the sheet of paper with other clouds, or weather-related pictures to make it look really fancy and colourful.

From time-to-time during the day, stop, and go over those words with your child.  When dad comes home have your child read the weather words to him, or  to grandma or  to whomever.

Fun hint:  Before you begin, go and buy some cute little stickers or stars from the dollar store.  Each time your child reads the words out loud let him/her add a sticker to page.  The child does not have to read the word correctly to get the stickers only complete all the words with your help.  :)

Another fun thing to bring to your child's attention is your smart phone.  Your iphone has an iCloud on it.  Now would be a good time to haul that out and explain the relationship of your word cloud and why apple decided to use an iCloud on your phone.

Enjoy this fun reading experience.  Make a supersaturated cloud that will pour words of recognition and wisdom into your child's brain today.  Read on.

Blessings to you.

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