Friday, January 11, 2013

Book review today with that big bronze medal attached for 2012

This book is a wonderful bedtime story, tailor-made for little boys (and girls) that adore big trucks and active constructive sites.  Highly recommended for those busy kids that need a visual before bed to let them know how the world shuts down to face a quiet, peaceful, sleepy night....even on a construction site.

What's the story?

The day is drawing to a close at a busy construction site. One by one, five trucks finish up their day's work -- or rather, play -- and wind down for bed. They take a bath, close their doors, shut down their engines, and settle in for hard-earned rest so they'll be ready to rev back up the next day.

Is it any good?

GOODNIGHT, GOODNIGHT CONSTRUCTION SITE deftly blends the excitement of a construction site with the classic elements of a lullaby book. Rhythmic, repetitive text by Sherri Duskey Rinker slowly casts a sleepy spell. Richly hued oil pastels by Tom Lichtenheld (Duck! Rabbit!) bathe the trucks in golden late-day colors and deep indigo at night. Kids will love the tiny touches: a blanket draped over snoozing Cement Mixer, a teddy bear cradled by Crane Truck, who holds a glowing star nightlight aloft with his boom.
Kids will appreciate that these seemingly untiring, hardworking machines get tuckered out, too. The trucks' bedtime routines are familiar: They ease into rest by wrapping up the day's fun, quieting down, perhaps taking a bath, and then tucking themselves in. All that's missing is the bedtime story!

There is also a matching game that you can buy to go along with this story.  One of the quotes from Amazon states:

"I bought this set for my three year old who really loves the book. This matching game is fantastic, and my little boy loves it! The box is very colorful, and solid with a magnetic fold over lid. The cards are all spaced out in individual compartments for easy storage. Each card is as colorful as the illustrations in the book, and printed on very think card paper, easy for little hands to flip over and hold."

 Both  book and game are sold on Amazon and I am sure your little one will be thrilled to receive both.
Have a wonderful weekend and read on.  
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