Monday, January 14, 2013

The value of kid books...

Kid's books are magic.  Kid's books should be read not only by kids....but by adults too.   Kid's books should cross all age boundaries and be allowed into the high schools, colleges and university curriculums.  They are cool and I am promoting them big time today.
 When kid's read a picture book they are engaged in both text and illustrations.  These books can be a source of education, an imagination booster, an attention span exercise and a perfect platform for philosophical questions during and after the read.

  These books are hard to write.  They are condensed stories that have to be parsed and  the meaning concise.  The author does not have hundreds of pages to tell the story like in a novel.  No word or illustration can be wasted.  The text and pictures have to be loaded for maximum understanding in such a short venue.  The words have to be powerful and the illustrations awesome for the book to succeed.

  I have not outgrown my love of these tiny little treasures.  I collect fantastic kid's books for myself to enjoy.  I love to give them to other adults as gifts as well.  Go head.  Indulge.   Buy a kid's book for yourself...all your own.. but I know you will share it.  :)  You will be so glad that you did.

  A book you might want to consider purchasing is:

I have a copy myself and it is very helpful.  It tells you all the classic books that your child should be exposed to and  has little excerpts about each book.

Remember,  reading success for your child comes by reading to them and having them read back to you.

Read on.  Read kid's books.
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