Wednesday, February 20, 2013

extra bonus: adult book review - Dead Money

 Book review: Dead Money
Author: Steve O’Brien

  First let me start by saying I really enjoyed this book.  The world of horse racing is totally foreign to me so I learned a lot about how it works and how to place a bet.  Who knows?  The betting angle may come in handy if I ever decide to attend a horse race and lay my money down on a winner.

   Dan Morgan, an attorney and the owner of Aly Dancer is pulled into a sinister scam involving his beloved filly. Questions mount in Dan’s mind as the story progresses: “What scam?”, “Who could possibly be capable of doing this?”, “Where do I start to try and solve this?” and the biggest question of all, “Why?”.  Your mind as a reader goes into high alert as you ponder these questions along with him, and try to help him out with answers.

 O’Brien aptly uses suspense, intrigue and even murder to draw his audience into the story.  He softens the action and tension by adding a layer of romance, an element which I particularly like. O’Brien also highlights the sense of urgency and passion of the unfolding events by using repetition, clipped sentences and shortened paragraphs.  I like the way that he names incidental characters such names as, “the suit” and “sunglass man” - that is new and refreshing!  The main character’s sarcastic internal dialogue is wonderful, and constantly brought a smile to my face because I could so relate to his feelings.

    I have enjoyed all of Steve’s books to date and particularly his writing style.  He is very good at painting vivid word pictures which place you right in the middle of the action or event. I am sure you will enjoy this action-packed, crime, thriller book.  It is a sure bet!

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