Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tons of Trucks - book review

This is a beautiful and durable book.  It is a wonderful interactive, hands-on book that will surely delight your pre-schooler!  The author and illustrator have outdone themselves with excellent illustrations that move, can be pulled, lifted, opened up, swirled and actually touched to make an enjoyable reading "experience" for your children.

The text is expounded in simple rhymes which you know is a hit with kids of all ages!  Your child will be excited to discover all the surprises that are woven into the book.  There is actually a truck that delivers tar and your child can touch and feel how sticky tar can really be.  Pure genius!

The illustrations are playful, colourful and reminiscent of Richard Scarry's work.  The text and the illustrations make a perfect marriage.  The book is gender friendly and I know your kids will go back again and again for a re-read.

The author Sue Fliess lives in Northern California with her family and you can check her out at:


The illustrator Betsey Snyder is a writer and illustrator and lives in Cleveland, Ohio.  She can be found at:


This book would be a perfect addition to your own personal collection and would also a terrific gift to give to someone!

I will be featuring more of Sue's books in the up-coming weeks.  It was a pleasure to review this book.

                                    Book review rating:   10   (One of the best books ever!)
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