Friday, February 22, 2013

You are going to love this book!!!!


This book has such a great message!

Doug is a robot.  His parents want him to be smart, so each morning they plug him in and start information download.  After a morning spent in learning facts about the city, Doug suspects he could learn even more about the city by going outside and actually, physically exploring it.  And so... Doug... unplugs!  What follow is an exciting day of adventure and discovery.  Doug learns amazing things by doing and seeing and touching and listening - and above all by interacting with a new friend.

Dan Yaccarino's funny story of robot rebellion is a great reminder that sometimes the best way to learn about the world is to go out and be in it!

The message?  It is more fun by DOING (unplugging) than by memorizing facts (PLUGGED IN).  Unplug and engage yourself in your world no matter if you are a kid or a parent.

About the author:

 Dan Yaccarino is an internationally acclaimed author who has more than 30 books to his credit.  He is also the creator of the animated TV series Oswald and Willa's Wild Life, and he designed the characters for The Backyardigans.

Read on and read always.  Have an awesome weekend!
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