Monday, March 25, 2013

Book Review today: Mr. Flux

 This quirky, little book will have you evaluating your views on your own life.  Do you have a fear of change?  Do you like things left just the way they are please?  Do you especially dislike it when someone comes in and tries to impose those changes upon you?  Well if you can attest to any of these questions then perhaps you need to pick up a copy of this book, " Mr. Flux," by award winning author Kyo MacLear (who lives right here in Toronto, Canada, by the way).

This tongue-in-cheek tale was loosely inspired by the 1960's art movement known as Fluxus.

A newcomer in the neighbourhood is Mr. Flux, an eccentric, out-of-the-box thinker.  He tries to convince Martin and his neighbours that change is good and fun.  He introduces them to "playful freedom", a term I just love!  He encourages them to change the dull and mundane into something new and exciting. He suggests, "Shall we spin toy rabbits on my record player?"  He gets them to consider the possibilities of how things could be if you changed things up by adding a tad of imagination and a spark of fun.

Martin responds, "Change is upsetting...and we like things just the way they are."  Mr. Flux has Martin confront his fears and leaves him and his neighbourhood with a new lease on life and a very special gift.

Mr. Flux?   Where are you in my life?  Can you visit me next?

The author Kyo MacLear is an award nominated author for her book "Spork" for which she received the 2011 Marilyn Baillie Picture Book award.

Book rating system:   8    Fantastic!

Read on and read always!

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