Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Surprise adult book review: Trilogy A Collection

Book Review: Trilogy
Author: Prudence Macgregor

Trilogy is a collection of three stories that start out with normal people, doing normal things and then when a dose of the abnormal is administered their lives are never the same again.  These characters have encounters with the unknown that set them in a talespin, and has them asking the question: “What the heck just happened? This can’t be for real!”, but by the time the question has left their mind, their reality has changed forever.

I love stories that are well-written and make you think outside of the box.  The author has a flair for words and for spinning ideas that perhaps could happen in real life.  Paranormal events open your eyes to possibilities and happenings that may occur while you are just doing what you normally do.

I liked where these stories took my mind.  

Read on and read always.
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