Friday, March 1, 2013

The old saying goes  about March:  In like a lion out like a lamb or vice versa.  Luckily for us we just missed Mr. Lion and hopefully our March will pick up, warm up and wake the flowers up!  I am so ready for a change in temperature and in climate.  We have been hit with lots of storms and freezing temps and I hope now we have turned a corner and Mr. Sunshine will grace us with His presence.

              Here are the top 5 reasons we should embrace and love the month of March!

1. Spring ahead! Daylight saving (March 10) means longer days for playing outside and hanging out in the sunlight.

2. As the temperature climbs higher (if we are so lucky) the roads will be clear enough to take  out bikes and skateboards and seek out some adventures outdoors.

3. You can use St. Patrick's Day as a great excuse to "green things up".  This day lands on March 17.  Try sprinkling green Matcha tea powder into pancake batter for a great, fun breakfast. Make green jello, lime pie, green anything will do the trick!

4.  Starting the summer garden seedlings indoors makes a fun family project and you can plan an actual planting day for the seeds later on.

5. March break!  Have a count down calendar and plan some fun activities together to celebrate that week off.  Museums, movies, outdoor walks, special reading nights etc. 

6. Plan a trip to the local library to accumulate a stack of books to read for those down-times when you are exhausted from too much "March Break" activities.

                        Embrace March and start singing the old Beatle's comes the sun!!!!

Read on and read always.
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