Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Happy Wednesday poem to you.....

A two-year-old can be a real handful but that doesn't change how special it is to raise one.

Mommy's Little Girl

© Kirsia Mielke
Soda on the carpet
Crackers in your bed
Writing up and down the hall
The goldfish is dead

Toilet water everywhere
The toilet papers gone
Life with a two year old
Your work is never done

Froot Loops in the couch
Milk on the recliner
It seems no matter what you do
You're always two steps behind her

Bedtimes you get into bed
Comb through your little curls
And even through this hectic day
You're mommy's little girl!

Source: Poem From A Mother Of A Two Year Old, Mommy's Little Girl 

If you've had the pleasure of raising a two-year old you know the truth in this poem.  They are like the energizer bunny and with a curious nature keep you always on your toes.  Read, enjoy, and if your child is beyond that age....rejoice that you survived!  
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