Friday, May 10, 2013

A great book, any way you slice it......

Study while others are sleeping; work while others are loafing; prepare while others are playing; and dream while others are wishing.
                                                           -William Arthur Ward

Book Title: Hurray For Bread
Author: Allan Ahlberg
Illustrator:  Bruce Ingman

Both men work in excellence and are creators of the fabulous books: " The Pencil," "The Runaway Dinner."

This is the amazing story of one loaf of bread and its journey through one day in the life.....
In the early morning a baker bakes a yummy loaf of bread and by sunset every last crumb is gone.  What could have happened throughout that day to make the whole loaf just disappear?  Well first after taking the loaf out of the oven the baker munches on the crunchy end crust because that is his favourite part of the bread.

"The first slice was a crust, of course
   the baker ate it early
He loved its crusty crunchiness
  And made his hair all curly."

The baker's wife makes toast and spreads it with delicious marmalade. The baker's son is lucky enough to have a tasty cheese and ham sandwich for lunch and even the dog gets to enjoy some scraps of that sandwich. In the afternoon some of the bread gets eaten by ducks and at the very end of the journey a little mouse discovers crumbs left under the table and he gets to have a crumb feast for himself.

The little mouse exclaims, "Hooray" - squeak, squeak- "for bread."

But wait some slices have gone missing?  Where could they have gone?  This is a rhyming story with detailed, expressive illustrations that are gentle, soft and charming.  The pictures match the story perfectly and add humour and wit through their images.  The book celebrates one of the staples of our lives....bread!  Hurray for bread you will cry as you bite into your next slice, no matter how you dress it up!

About the author:

Allan Ahlberg (b. 1938) is one of Britain's best-loved children's writers. The author of over a hundred books, Allan has been delighting children of all ages for more than thirty years. Classic characters like Burglar Bill and The Jolly Postman have become firm favourites with a generation of children who are now reading them to their own offspring. Allan's work - particularly in partnership with his first wife, Janet - has been recognised by many of the top awards in children's books, including The Kate Greenaway Medal (twice), The Children's Book Award (twice) and The Signal Poetry Award. Innovative, funny and moving, his work encompasses storybooks, picture books, easy readers, joke books and novels as well as poems. 

Allan used to work as a teacher and perhaps this is one of the reasons his writing shows such a sharp insight into the hearts and minds of young children. His poems provide vivid glimpses into the colourful life of school: what exactly is it that's hiding in Harrison's desk? Where does Billy McBone's mind get to? And just what did happen to all those scissors? Although his poems are often amusing, he doesn't ignore the more painful side of school as in the poignant monologue 'Slow Reader' or the memory of 'The Boy Without a Name'. Allan also draws on his own Black Country childhood in poems like 'The Match c. 1950' and 'Cemetery Road'. Football is an abiding passion. His choice of poems from Friendly Matches - with many a neat twist or cunning swerve - celebrates the beautiful game. 

Book Review Rating:  9  (Close to perfection)


Read on and read always!

How can you celebrate bread with your kids?  Let me count the ways .... (ok, here are a few to get you started)

1. Go feed some ducks.

2. Go feed birds or critters that in your backyard or local park.

3. Make sandwiches together and go eat them outdoors.

4. Try some marmalade on your toast (perfect time to introduce Winnie the    Pooh)

5. Make some banana that would be a different twist!  

6. Celebrate bread today and make it king of your day!  You decide how to do that in your family!   Enjoy!

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