Monday, May 6, 2013

GQ GQ. Where Are You? - Book Review today

Title:  GQ GQ. Where Are You?  Adventures of a Gambel's Quail

Author:  Sharon I. Ritt
Illustrator:  Nadia Komorova

This delightful little book is not only fun but is educational as well.  The author enriches a child's vocabulary by introducing words that are related to a desert theme.  Why focus on the desert you may ask?  The main character Georgy, or GQ for short, is a little Gambel's quail and his home is in the Arizona desert.  He is a curious little bird and loves to go on an adventure.  While on his journey he bumps into cacti, mice, lizards, birds and some new friends along the way.  He also becomes aware of the dangers that lurk out there, such as snakes and coyotes.  The main lesson he learns is that although his travels are fun and exciting, the best possible place to be is his very own home.

The book explores many methods of learning so a child is able to understand the storyline from different perspectives.  It is unique in that it comes with a CD where the author narrates the story and has also included a sing-along version to the tune of "Frere Jacques."  At the end of the book Ritt features an illustrated non-fiction section that explains the details of the plants and animals that appear throughout. All-in-all a child will benefit greatly from every educational component included.

The pictures are truly beautiful and capture the expression of GQ perfectly.  The colour pallet is gorgeous and the pictures are a huge asset to the overall quality of the book.  The book is scheduled for release in June 2013.

About the author:

As an elementary school teacher and university instructor, Sharon has shared her love of folksongs and folktales with hundreds of students for over 35 years.  In her workshops she shares information and her experience as a storyteller and reading specialist. Her workshop activities integrate art, music and storytelling to help young people develop oral language skills, self-confidence and a lifelong interest in reading.
"Sing Softly with Sharon: Lullabies from Around the World" and "Sing
Silly with Sharon" are two of Sharon's CDs for children of all ages.
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About the Illustrator:

Nadia Komorova

Born in Czechoslovakia, Nadia Komorova studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia, where she also received instruction in classical piano, the music of which continues to fill her studio as she creates her paintings. Nadia uses any traditional medium, as well as the digital approach in her work. She has illustrated several children's titles for Five Star Publications, Inc., including Horrifa, The Moon Saw it All, and Alfie's Bark Mitzvah.

Book Review rating:  8  (Fantastic)

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(Review copy received from Five Star Publications with thanks)
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