Sunday, May 5, 2013

What are you up to today?

I hereby grant you the privilege of choosing any book you want,  finding any space you want and, undistracted, sit down quietly and enjoy your book.  Do you have good books at your disposal to slip away with and spend time with?  You should have a whole arsenal of these gems just waiting to be opened and gobbled up.  Try to each day do something for yourself.  You work, your commute, you do life, but somewhere tucked into that day should be reserved a time for read whatever the heck you want to.  I think sometimes life drives us and we get out of control.  Well today take the control back, tell life to back off, back yourself into a corner and ...... read!  Another great benefit of you, as a adult, reading is it is like a a virus, it is catching.  When your kids see that you are reading (and enjoying it) they too will know that it is a good thing and will want to copy you.  Heck, go crazy and read some of that book out loud to each other if you dare!  Make Sundays your "Read Freely" day in your home.  Grab a coffee/tea/beverage and crack open that book that has been begging attention for so long.  Enjoy your day and your good book!

Read on and read always!
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