Saturday, May 25, 2013

What's happening in the book world?

Updates on the trends of children's books for 2013!

According to David Allender, editorial director from Scholastics....

1.  Bullying is very, very big and the best author to check out for this topic is Scott Starkey. You can catch him on his official website to see his books.

2. Science Fiction will be very popular this year.

3. Intriguing Non-Fiction- Updated textbooks that are more kid-friendly and other topics of interest for them will be popping up for their education and enjoyment.

4. Novels in Cartoons - Kids love these books.  Books like Bone, Stick Dog, Captain Underpants are highly rated and in demand.

5. Kids Lit on Screen - Watch out for Beautiful Creatures, and Enders Game coming to a theatre near you soon.  Be sure to read the books prior to the movie please.

6. War, War, War - Did I mention war?  Seems to be a hot topic this year.

7. Tough Girls - Girl heroines that are strong, powerful and confident are being written.  Great role models like Catnis in Hunger Games inspire girls to be conquerers and overcomers.

8. Survival stories - Check out "Stranded" and other books that put you to the test.

9. Spotlight on Diversity-Kids want to know who they are, who their neighbours are,  about their global neighbours.....
           " The Lions of Little Rock" by Christina Levine is a great read.

10. Nature - Exploring and discovering the world around you is always a hit.  "Infastation" by Tim J. Bradley is good to read.

Be sure to take trips to your local library or your local bookstore to entice your child to browse and pick up a book to buy.  Have a special piggy bank that you drop change into and at the end of the month empty it to go and a buy a book.  Stop at garage sales and school book fairs.  Books should be part of your child's DNA.  Encourage, read, discuss and enjoy all types of genres of books.  If you as an adult are reading something interesting, read a portion out loud to your child. Be sure your child sees YOU read. Have other family members share what they are into reading also.  Always have a book with you so no matter where you are or what you are doing you can pull it out and enjoy.  Have an awesome Saturday!

Read on and read always!

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