Tuesday, May 28, 2013

You Can Count On Gracie-Book Review

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Title:   You Can Count On Gracie
Author:  Joan Harrison
Photos:  Joan Harrison
Ages:  3-5

When I first received my review copy, picked it up and read through the it, the only word I could think  to describe the book is...."classy."  Enjoy.

This excellent counting book is geared to kids 3-5 years old.  When you start counting the numbers and looking at the "star" of the book, you definitely will fall in love with Gracie, a super savvy canine who patiently waits on each page to teach and to entertain you.  Her wonderful expressions, hilarious costumes and off-beat antics will warm your heart.  She gently encourages the reader to follow along with her and enjoy this educational experience.   The book is written in rhyme and questions are scattered throughout the book to make it interactive and more engaging for your child.  A bonus for adults is the titles of the books that Gracie reads.  They will crack you up.  Gracie is a smart pooch indeed.  From cover to cover the photos are superior and the text introducing the numbers is witty, waggish and just plain fun.  With this book you cannot "paws"ibly go wrong!

About the author:  

Joan is a graduate of Penn State University with a fine arts degree in printmaking, she approaches her imagery with attention to compositional detail and an offbeat sense of humour. Destiny sent her the perfect goofball muse in Gracie, and together they craft pictures that delight and entertain.

In addition to her freelance photography business, Joan plays banjo and performs regularly with her band "Too Blue".  She and her husband reside in upstate New York with Grace and Rosie, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

Book Review Rating:   9  (Close to perfection!)

Read on and read always!  Have a super day everyone. 

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