Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I Don't Need A Second Mother - Book review

"There are many little ways to enlarge your child's world. Love of books is the best of all."
                                          ~Jacqueline Kennedy

Title:  I Don't Need ASecond Mother
Author:  Maria Psanis
Illustrator: Demetra Bakogiorgas

Our favourite little character, Sasha, is at her shenanigans again!  Her mom comes home from work early to announce that things will be different around their home from now on and announces a big surprise!  She informs Sasha that she has hired a full time babysitter/housekeeper, named Ms. MaClean, who will be living upstairs.  Sasha's first impression of the newest family member is one of disbelief and disdain.  Why disdain you may ask?  Well, Ms. MaClean is overweight and according to Sasha has broomstick hair reminding her of a scarecrow.  No amount of coaxing or coercing by her mom, or big sister Bella,  can persuade Sasha to change her judgemental mind.  Ms. McClean's counter-attacks by being helpful, friendly and more than gracious to her little rebellious charge works.  The babysitter finally resorts to reverse-pshychology and the results are totally amazing!

Sasha does a complete turn-around when she finds herself not being as independent as she thought she could be.  She humbly and apologetically repents and expresses her heartfelt thanks to Ms. McClean for being there for her when she was needed most.

I love the last page .... Sasha still being Sasha as she says....

"We shouldn't judge people by their sizes Ms. MaClean," I exclaimed, as I followed her jiggling my fanny!"  Sassy Sasha was on the move again and I wonder what she'll get into next?

About the author:

Maria Psanis is a Clinical Psychotherapist in private practice in Simsbury, Connecticut.  She has authored eleven collections of poetry and one novel.  This children's story is the sequel to "I Love my Sister but Sometimes I Don't!"

About the Illustrator: 

Demetra Bakogiorgas is the illustrator of Sasha's series.  She has illustrated six other books and her art work has appeared at Freight Street Gallery in Waterbury, Connecticut.  She was a finalist for The Eric Hoffer Book Award-The da Vinci Eye.

Book Review Rating:   8  (Fantastic!)

Read on and read always!  
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