Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ted - a book review

                                        Quote of the Day

         "A book must be an ax for the frozen sea within us."
                                     ~Franz Kofta, 1904

Title: Ted
Author and Illustrator:  Leila Rudge

This is a wonderful book about finding a place to belong in your world.  Everyone needs a home where you are accepted and love abounds.  Ted is a smart little dog who wears a jumper (sweater) and  lives in a Pet Shop.  He has been in the shop for as long as he can remember but nobody notices him or chooses him for their pet.  He decides to take matters into his own hands and off he goes to explore his world.  He first goes to the circus but nobody pays any attention to him there and he finds himself invisible to those around him.  He is unlucky in a pet pageant because of too much competition and when he tries his paws at being a guard dog?  Well ?  He does not succeed.  He starts feeling quite discouraged because he cannot find where he fits in.  He then notices a poster requiring a dog with the following qualifications : fun, likes to play and loves long walks.  Bingo!  That is him for sure. He meets all those requirements.

Kids will identify with Ted and understand the feeling of being left out and not 'picked'.  They will understand what it is like to crave attention and desire a place to be loved and call home.  Ted is a feel -good story about friendship and acceptance.

Leila is an amazing illustrator.  Her sketches are child-like, yet incredibly sophisticated.  You will love all the detail and her creative use of pattern.  Her quirky humour is a delight to read.  I think Ted may be heading for a few awards.  Great book.

About the Author:

I was born in England and spent the first few years making mud pies with five siblings and Jeni from number 15.  Not long after completing an illustration Degree at Bath Spa University, I jumped on a plane to Australia to seek my fortune...and the sunshine.

In 2009, I illustrated my first children's book Duck for a Day, which was shortlisted for the CBCA Book of the Year Award-Younger Reader's category.  No Bears, my second collaboration with Meg McKinlay also popped up on the shortlist in the Picture Book of the Year and Early Childhood categories of the 2012 CBCA awards.  The sequel to Duck for Day, Definitely No Ducks was released in early 2013 alongside Ted, my first solo project.

My work is a mixture of pencil, paint, paper and other bits and bobs found in my studio...I love adding collage to my illustrations and often spend far too long flipping through magazines to find the perfect pattern or colour...

I currently live and work in Newcastle, Australia.

Book Review Rating:   9  (Close to perfection!)

Read on and read always.

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