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Algonquin Young Readers launch....fantastic

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"Books are like the compasses and telescopes and sextants and charts which other men have prepared to help us navigate the dangerous seas of human life."
                                                 ~Jesse Lee Bennett

I am very happy today to introduce you to the Algonquin Young Readers, a new line of titles from Algonquin Books.  The inaugural fall 2013 lists is made up of five books, which they hope will mark the beginning of a well-read life for children and young adults everywhere.  You can check them out at, Young Readers, and YR.   The ages range is from 7-17.

Their new booklist:

I am going to choose the books that are age appropriate for this blog but please drop by their website and check out the others too.  You will be happy with them all I am sure.

Title:   The Time Fetch
Author:  Amy Herrick
Ages;  10 +

First of all let me preface this review by saying I really enjoyed this book.  I have taught both grade seven and eight and I know that the kids at that age level would be very interested and happy to give it a go.  It is reminiscent of  a "Wrinkle in Time," or "When You Reach Me."

Edward, the main character, who is in grade eight, needs to find a "glacial moraine" somewhere in New York City and bring a sample to Mr. Ross's Science class as an assignment.  His last minute antics leads him out the back door of his aunt's house, where he lives,  and into her garden.  He pokes around in the dirt looking for something that resembles a rock so he can at least give the impression that he tried.  To his delight he discovers a rough, green grey rock but he has a hard time dislodging it from the soil.  He pulls and tugs and then all of sudden the rock seems to come alive and jump right into his hands. feels warm in his hands but Edward, in a hurry,  just slips it into his pocket and heads off to school.  He soon will find out that this is no ordinary rock, but actually a time Fetch fetch and its movement from the garden awakens its foragers early causing them to multiply rapidly and speed up time in his world.   Everything around him accelerates and a perilous universal time rip occurs.  Edward, along with his three unlikely classmates, are drawn into a dangerous but necessary adventure to rescue their world from destruction.

About the author:

Amy Herrick is amazed to think that when she was growing up there were no cell phones, computers, or video games, and TV only had seven black-and-white channels. She still remembers it as one of the best times in the world. In the summer, she and her friends biked and ran and played hide and seek, and traveled to imaginary realms all day long. When they got tired they climbed into trees and books.
Herrick remembers being embarrassingly skinny and tall. In addition, when she was with strangers, she was burningly shy. Being at home or with friends was much easier for her. Then she was talkative and even bossy. She used her vivid imagination to frighten her pals with ghost stories and tales of the dragons who lived down in the laundry room. It was when she was around eight years old that she discovered writing. This was a magical discovery. A pen, a piece of paper, and pulling whole stories and worlds into being, like a magician pulling a rabbit out of an empty hat!
As a grown-up she does lots of different jobs, including being a teacher and mom. But she saves as many hours as she can for sneaking into her workroom with her dog and sitting down at her computer to work on a story.

                                                  Book Review Rating:           8   (Fantastic!)

Read on and read always!

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