Thursday, August 15, 2013

School is calling ..."I'm Not Ready" by Jonathan Allen

Quote of the day.... "Books are like bees which carry the quickening pollen from one to another mind." 
                                          ~James Russell Lowell

Title:  I'm Not Ready
Author and Illustrator:  Jonathan Allen

Just look at that face.  See the fear, worry, anxiety, sense of being overwhelmed portrayed on it ?

This adorable little owl character expresses all the above emotions because it is time for him to fledge from his home nest and attend his first day at school.  He is so stressed that he procrastinates leaving by brushing his feathers (again)  and stalls even more by putting away his toys!  He really means business, he does NOT want to go!  Mama Owl steps in to hurry him up or they will be late, "Please, Baby Owl, we have to go!"  She senses his fear and apprehension and encourages him by saying that school will be fun if he just gives it a try.   "But I'm not ready? cries Baby Owl.  It's not fair," "You're making me go when I'm not ready!"  With gentle persuasion and a positive loving attitude, Mama convinces her little owl to give it a try.  Her baby is wonderfully surprised at what he discovers about his new school and the book has a very happy ending.  This delightful tale is made for sharing with your little person who may be in the same situation this year and needs some advice and help from a little owl friend who has been there and done that and has ..... survived!

About the author:  

Jonathan Allen has created many wonderful picture books for children, including The Little Rabbit Who Likes to Say MooWhen the Snow Comes, and a number of stories starring Baby Owl. He lives happily in a quiet village in Cambridgeshire, England, with his wife, children, a dog, a cat, two guinea pigs, several guitars, and three computers.

Book review rating:  8  (Fantastic!)

Read on and read always.  Have you read any of the little Owl books that Jonathan has written?  If so let me know and I will publish your response.  Check them out today.


                   How to prepare your child for the first day of school

1. Visit your child's school in advance.  Then you can become familiar with the location, layout and look of the building.

2. If possible meet the teacher.  That will make you and your child less anxious come the first day.  Your child will recognize a friendly, familiar face on day one.

3. Obtain the school handbook and go over the expectations before your child even sets foot in the building.  Ask any questions before school gets started.

4. Shop together to obtain school supplies.  Any school-related experience that you share will be fun and de-stressing.  You can let your child pick some of the items and get some personalized things for them too.

5. Obtain a class schedule and go over it together.  

6. Be organized - organize together:  backpacks, packing a lunch, labelling personal items, choosing your outfit to go  on that first day etc.  Early good habits are lasting habits.

7. Reassure your child often.  Spend time talking and sharing about your learning experiences, good friends that you made, funny things that happened to you at school, your most favourite teacher  and so on.  Sew positive ideas and thoughts into your child to prepare them for their first day school encounter.

8. Be supportive but also learn to let go.  On the first day give plenty of hugs and 
reassurance but balance that off by letting go and leaving your child there.  If you have done your homework and prepared your child for this transition then all should be well.  Be sure to tell your child you will be waiting for him/her at the day's end and be on time!   Enjoy this very exciting milestone in your child's life.

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