Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Girl power....let's do it!

Quote of the Day:  
"When you sell a man a book, you don't sell him 12 ounces of paper and ink and glue-you sell him a whole new life."
                                   ` Chrisopher Morley


 Title:  The Super Duper Princess Heroes
                                            How it all started
 Author:  Sanjay Nambiar

This is the perfect book to empower your little princess and to let her know that she doesn't have to wear fluffy pink with glittery flecks or rely on a man to rescue or marry her ... why? ...  because she is quite capable of having amazing adventures on her own and of saving the world all by herself, thank you very much.

This great book centres around three ordinary girls who are given magical powers when they stumble upon a strange, silver bag while playing in the woods.  They discover the mysterious bag contains three glittering tiaras with supernatural powers.  When Kinney, Oceana, and Sammie place these tiaras on their heads, their regular clothes turn into amazing gowns and they receive super powers that change them into Super Duper Princess Heroes. They find out that they are chosen because of their kind and gentle hearts and each girl is given a special gift to use to save others around them who desperately need help.  Ah, but as Spiderman was told by his wise uncle Ben, " With great power comes great responsibility." The stipulations of keeping these powers are: the girls have to all agree to help others, agree to work as a team, and never, ever brag or boast about their special abilities to anyone. Once the tiaras are in place, the magic surges through and around the girls and they are ready to make a difference in their world.

The illustrations are cartoonish, whimsical and kid-friendly.  The colour pallet is vibrant and quirky.  The positive message imparted to your little girl is that a girl can be a heroine, she can save the day, and she can be strong and and independent.

The author sums it up perfectly when he says:  "I want to break down the existing princess paradigm of weak female role models and replace it with something more empowering.  Girls should know that they don't need a prince to save them, but rather they can save the prince!  Amen!!!

About the Author:

Sanjay Nambiar has written several award-winning books, including "The Super Duper Princess Heroes: How It All Started”, "Maybe (A Little Zen for Little Ones)", "Still There? (A Little Zen for Little Ones)", and "Remember the Stars (A Little Zen for Little Ones)". Through his books, he hopes to inspire readers and convey positive messages to kids. Sanjay grew up in Carson, CA, where he overcame a gang- and drug-riddled environment with the help of a closely-knit family and a focus on education. He graduated with honors from U.C. Berkeley, with degrees in Economics and Neurobiology, and earned an M.B.A. from UCLA. Sanjay now is a freelance copywriter and lives with his congenial wife and endlessly energetic identical twin daughters in Los Angeles, CA, where he sometimes bemoans the monotony of the pleasant weather.

This book is a winner of multiple awards:  
* Mom's Choice Award Silver Medal
* Gelett Burgess Children's Book Award
* Family Choice Award

                                                      Book Review Rating:   8 (Fantastic!)

Read on and read always!   Have a great day everyone!

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