Monday, November 11, 2013

Mommy? Where are you going? - sound familiar?

Quote of the Day:  "A wonderful thing about a book, in contrast to a computer screen, is that you can take it to bed with you"
                                          ~Daniel J. Boorstin

Title:  Where Does Mommy Go?
Author:  Shelley Hallier
Illustrator:  Richele Collins
Ages:  Toddler - Preschooler

The bond between a mother and a child is probably one of the strongest there is.  How difficult it is  when a new mom has to finally come to the end of her maternity leave and sadly go back into the workforce, leaving that precious little bundle behind.  It truly can be a heart-wrenching experience  for both mother and child.  First-time author and mother of three, Shelley Hallier, has written a book that addresses these painful feelings and she spins a positive and encouraging message about that separation which she  delivers straight to the heart of her child.  

The playful, whimsical, vibrant illustrations portray mom in many different careers that will surely  put a smile on your child's face, and the visuals beg to ask the question...and what do you do for your job mommy?  With open dialogue (and perhaps a short visit to mommy's workplace) your child will be encouraged and reassured that no matter what mommy is doing, no matter how far away mommy may be, her top priority is getting back to her beloved little one and to strengthen that love bond between them even more.  Always.

This little gem of a book is written in verse and the kid-friendly, adorable pictures are a delight to behold, reinforcing the message that no matter where Mommy's job may take her,  she will return home.  Always.

 The last line in the book sums it all up perfectly:  

"She could be working in an office, as busy as can be/But I know no matter where she is she'd rather be with ME. "

Let that truth resonate into your child, a truth that will bring peace and comfort until Mommy's car pulls back into the driveway ... back home ... where she once again can take up her most coveted role in the family...being the heart of her home.

About the author:

Shelley Hallier is an experienced Kansas City-area marketing executive who left a successful 12-year stint in the corporate realm in favor of independent consulting, after giving birth to twins in 2007. As principal of Hallier Marketing, LLC, she strives (with "varying" levels of self-reported success) to balance family, work and community. Shelley graduated from Rockhurst University. She lives in Parkville with her husband, Craig, and three children: Hannah, Ryne and Cassie.

About the illustrator:

Richele Collins is a freelance graphic designer who specializes in creativity “on-the-fly.” Since graduating from Southern Illinois University with a BA in Design and an Advertising Minor, Richele has designed everything from print ads and logos to car wraps and consumer goods packaging. She even paints murals. She had a ball illustrating "Where Does Mommy Go?" which is her first—but certainly won't be her last—book project. Richele lives in Keller, Texas with her husband, Jeff, and children Jack and Katie. 

                              Book Review Rating:   8  (Fantastic!)

Read on and read always!   Hugs to the new moms out there who are feeling the "guilts" of returning to is very hard...but both you and your child will get through this....I promise.  Have an excellent day!  

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