Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Lullaby....and goodnight....

Quote of the day:   One rainy Sunday when I was in the third grade, I picked up a book to look at the pictures and discovered that even though I did not want to I was reading.  I have been a reader ever since.
                                             ~Beverly Cleary

Title:  Tell Me How You Say Good Night
Author:  Teddy O'Malley, Angie Dickens

                 A little backstory for you from Teddy's Blog:

In her own words, and I quote.....

"In February 2013 my rescue dog gave birth to six beautiful puppies.  I took lots of pictures.  After Alistair became sick and died on April 9, 2013, putting the pictures together to make a book became a grief project.  It was part of my healing.  Eventually, I decided on the theme of saying "Good Night" in different languages. My mom, Angie Dickens, and I began working together on the project.  She helped me think of cute, rhyme-y stuff to say and picking the best pictures.  We turned out to be a great team. "

Who doesn't love an adorable, sweet puppy?  Who doesn't like a snuggly bedtime story while you're all curled up in your bed with mommy reading to you, cuddling with you and getting ready to say good night?  These furry, puppy beauties will warm your heart as you flip the pages and see those adorable faces looking back at you with their big brown eyes.  They make you want to reach into the book and give each one a big hug!  What makes this book unique and stand out from other bed time stories out there?  Let me tell you.

The book parallels just what a little human person would be begging for at bedtime but then comes the perfect twist....the question is asked of do you say good night in four different languages?  Not only does that ploy give you a bit more "stay up" time but it is also a highly educational question...and mom's can't say no to that kind of thinking now can they....even at bed time? Finally, curiosity is replaced with contentment and sleep overtakes those darling baby canines....or does it?  

The photos are endearing and visually stimulating. How fun to learn how to say "Good Night" in   Spanish, French, German and Italian...and oh the back of the book Teddy has included a Glossary of the foreign words with a pronunciation guide - for those language-challenged (like me).  I know this book will be a winner and will be asked to be read over and over again.  Great job Teddy and Mom!

About the author:

Teddy O' Malley was born in in Saint Louis, Missouri. She has traveled all over the United States and enjoys learning about new things and other cultures. She has enjoyed studying Spanish, German, and now Italian as well. She dreams of visiting a foreign country. Teddy O'Malley also works part time as a nurse assistant and helps the disabled and elderly.

                           Book Review Rating:  8  (Fantastic!)

  Good news here.  I will be offering Teddy's book for a Book Giveaway next week.  The copy is signed by both Teddy and her mom.  Remember you need to leave me your email address to be put into the draw to qualify for the book.  This is exciting news indeed!!!! It will make a perfect Christmas gift.  I will have it all set up for you next week.  Check out a trailer of the book on YouTube also.

Read on and read always!

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