Saturday, November 9, 2013

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"The World is a book and those who do not travel read only a page."
                                               ~Saint Augustine

Agree with it or not...electronic readers and books are here to stay and the kids love them.  They have added a whole new dimension to books with the animation and gadgets that make a story literally move and come alive.  I must admit I am old school and love the paper books but I have to acknowledge and embrace the fact that the next generation may not be so enthusiastic about those old paper "fossils."  I want to highlight a new, fun reader that has a special feature designed just for kids.  Introducing...... drum roll please....the Kobo reader for Kids.


Let's open the box and I will walk you through......

Kobo is marketing it as " Kobo's new Kid's Store. " "Give your kid a reading allowance."  They are encouraging you to share your love of reading through technology with your kids. Visiting the online store gives you access to over 100,000 books, titles ranging from babies to young adult.  Now that is brilliant.  Here's how it works.

*  First you sign into and create an account for your child.  There is a specific tab that says "Kids" -  that's what you tap on to open up this wonderful reading experience.  You then set up an account and it would be great for you and your child to do this part together.  It will give her a sense of ownership if you do that.

*  Next you go to "Reading Allowance" to get your child started.  This is a perfect feature because it gives your child freedom to browse, shop and select her own eBooks if she is at an age to be able to do that.  You do not have to be with her every time to use your Credit Card because the money allocated to her is therein her allowance account and for her personal use.  
You go to the  "My Account" tab and select an amount of your choosing and add it to her allowance.  (I suggest you put enough in at the beginning for one or two books and keep adding on as she gets used to how to use this feature)

* The browsing experience is totally kid-friendly and she can browse by:  Age, Hit series,  popular characters, or by book type.

*  There is also additional reading features such as a Dictionary which gives your child an enriched reading experience.

* No emails will be sent to your child.  It is all about reading and focusing her attention solely on reading!

I am excited about this.  I think this will be a big hit with both kids and parents (get grandparents  and other family members involved too to donate some "reading allowance" money to the cause.)

Good for Kobo....I am behind them 100% in their efforts to promote the love of reading to the next generation of readers who will certainly be tech savvy and thrilled to be purchasing great books that appeal to them.   Kudos to Kobo.  Great job!

Check it out.

Add on for you:

Highlighting some great kid's educational apps for you to try.

1. Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss.  The words are highlighted as the narrator reads. Ages 2-8.

2. Wheels on the Bus - interactive version of the nursery rhyme song.  Your child can listen to the song in 5 different that's cool.  If you touch objects on the screen you can open up the school bus door, make the windshield wipers go "swish, swish, swish' and make bubbles pop.

3. Endless Alphabet- by the creators of Sesame Street's "Monster at the End of This Book." It teaches kids new words and how to spell them.

3. Read the Stories- a new book every day, each word is highlighted asa the narrator tells the story.
    Ages 3+

4. The Opposites - the games asks the kids to match up pairs of opposites as they float across the screen.  Ages 7+

5. BrainPop- Every day there is a featured movie that is educational and fun.  This app has been downloaded over 1.5 million times.  Media rates this 5 stars.  8+

6. WWF Together.  offers in-depth information on scores of species around our world.  Excellent for us.  7+

   Read on and read always.  Have an awesome weekend everyone!

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