Friday, November 1, 2013

"The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page." 
                                                ~ St. Augustine

Title:  Small Bunny's Blue Blanket
Author/Illustrator:  Tatyana Feeney
Ages:  2-5

Oh the love affair between a little one and their blankie....there is nothing quite like it in our universe.  The peace, security and happiness that a blankie can bring cannot be measured by any standards.  This adorable little tale extrapolates on this theme and your little one, sitting on your lap right now, or curled up beside you in the bed, with his blankie tucked around him, can attest to the truth expounded in this book.

Small Bunny has a fluffy, blue friend called Blue Blanket.  They are best friends, inseparable and do everything together.  What does he do with his best friend?  Well sometimes they go to the park together and swing on the swings. Small Bunny puts Blue Blanket in his wagon and they trod off to experience wonderful adventures together.  Other times they paint creative pictures together. Blue Blanket helps him read the hardest words in his book and they just adore playing together in the sandpit, building imaginary places on lovely sunny days.

One day Mother calls to Small Bunny to come inside because it's time for his bath and Blue Blanket needs a good scrubbing off too.  Small Bunny disagrees because he thinks that Blue Blanket is just perfect the way he is.  Mother overrides that thought and alas,  Small Bunny is submerged in the tub and then blown dry.  Blue Blanket is thrust into the washing machine by Mother, with a promise that it will take only a minute to clean him up and he'll be as good as new again.  Poor Small Bunny waits for an eternity to get his best friends back and when he does?  Oh no spoilers here....the ending is perfect....and so is Blue Blanket.

The elemental line drawings are appealing with faint blue watercolours accentuating the images here and there.  Feeney's winsome illustrations are spot on for the text provided.

Small children with a blanket fetish will surely relate to how Small Bunny covets his most prized possession and wants to hug and love on it forever.

About the Author/Illustrator:

Originally from North Carolina, TATYANA FEENEY studied illustration at the North East Wales College of Art and Design and now lives in Ireland. She is also the author of Small Bunny's Blue Blanket and Little Owl's Orange Scarf.

                           Book Review rating:   8 (Fantastic!)

    Read on and read always!  Have a wonderful Friday everyone.

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