Monday, January 20, 2014

Mr. Wuffles is in the house...

                "To read or not to read, that is a silly question."

Title:  Mr. Wuffles
Author/illustrator:  David Wiesner 
Ages: 3-10

Three-time Caldecott winner David Wiesner's nearly wordless masterpiece is brilliant.  A gorgeous, almost perfect looking black-and-white feline named Mr. Wuffles snubs his ordinary cat toys and seeks out a a tiny, metal sphere perched on stilt -like legs.  He stops abruptly, sniffs it, rubs it, tosses it around and under the radiator.  The interior of this "toy" is full of diminutive green aliens who have tumbled and been mercilessly upended causing some of their delicate instruments inside their spaceship to be smashed to bits.  The foreigners start emitting language in speech bubbles that include circles, triangles, and fraction-like symbols.  You can not read their words but the reader clearly understands that they are not happy and that the big black -and-white cat must be taught a lesson.  The aliens align with friendly ants and a ladybug so they can attempt an escape from this feline enemy. The illustrations are truly magnificent and the detail impeccable.  Wiesner has captured the personality of this cat perfectly as he shows his arrogant side to the aliens and cares only for his own pleasures and enjoyment.   Wiesner has a talent for turning things around like his award winning Flotsam with its changes its viewpoint and this book is no different.  You will be enamoured by this book from cover to cover.  I highly recommend it if for nothing else than to ogle at the illustrations and say, "Wish I could create pictures like that." They are truly amazing to behold.

About the author:

  • David Wiesner is an American illustrator and writer of children's books, known best for picture books including some that tell stories without words. Wikipedia

  • Book Review Rating:  9 (Close to perfection!)

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