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We all feel worried and stressed out in one form or another.  Different people have different ways of coping with their stress.  Today's book will give you some insights into how you can recognize stress in yourself and gives you some helpful ways you can overcome it, thus have a healthier, happy life by doing so.

First I want to give you the answer to yesterday's book quote.  I think most of you would have guessed that the book was:

by C. S. Lewis

Today's quote is taken from a very famous children's poet because it is National Poetry Month. Can you guess the poem and the poet?  (he's one of my favourites)

                            "If you are a dreamer, come in"

                                               Title:  Keep Calm!  My Stress-Busting Tips
                                                               Author:  Gina Bellisario
                                                              Illustrator:  Renee Kurilla

About the book:

This book is divided into chapters, has a glossary, a section of suggestions to "learn more" and an index.  The storyline revolves around a little girl named Anna who is the goalie for her soccer team, has weekly piano lessons, daily homework and chores to do around her home.  She is feeling worried and anxious about all this responsibility looming before her.  As these worries pile up, nervousness overcomes her. How can she possibly get all this stuff done in time? It's game day and her homework is due tomorrow. She has to find ways to deal with the stress and tension in her life.  She discovers that she is not the only one feeling overwhelmed.  Everyone in her family has some form of stress whether it be mom looking after her baby sister or dad trying to get to work on time.  She learns about good stress (yes it does exist) vs bad stress which can cause head and stomach aches, biting of nails and not wanting to go to school.  She talks to her family about ways to control her anxiety,  like taking time out to play hard with her friends, having activities that are fun and feeling happy while she is away from her responsibilities. Family discussions and family hugs ease the feeling of isolation and aloneness that stress can cause. It is freeing to know that others around you feel the same way. This book is very beneficial because it is a perfect conversation starter for when you own child is feeling burdened by world obligations around her.  I recommend it highly.

The illustrations are expressive and very kid friendly. I like the fact that stress was depicted as a cartoonish character, and even though harmful to you, was not made a scary visual for your child.

About the author:                            

Here are other things I make... 

secret handshakes
wishes on birthdays and most days
mistakes, but I try not to
breakfast sometimes (my hubby makes the best waffles, so I usually leave breakfast up to him)
the bed
my kids make their beds
my kids' eyes roll when I ask them to make their beds
other people laugh, including my kids
cheesecake (I made this up. I really get mine from the store. It's faster to eat that way.)

About the illustrator:

I'm a Children's Illustrator living in Boston, MA with my illustrator husband, Keith and our fluffy cat, Timmy. Originally from a small town near Scranton, PA, I moved to Boston for college. 14 years later, I'm still here!
After graduating from The Art Institute of Bostonwith a BFA in Illustration and Graphic Design, I naturally began my career in...Animation! In the beginning of my journey I worked on several animated shows, including Discovery Kid's Time Warp TrioMy ship eventually landed at a multimedia studio called FableVision, where I have remained for nearly 8 years. 

Book review rating:  8  (Fantastic!)

Read on and read always!  An awesome day await you.....
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