Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Off and travelling for a few days

Hey everyone.  I just want to inform you that for the next few days I will not be reviewing as I have a very important "date" with two of my best girl friends.  We go way back...from when we were in grade one together.  Once a year we set some time aside to get together, laugh lots and reminisce. We all grew up in the same little town and stayed together all through elementary school and high school.  It is a magical thing that happens when we all reunite.  There is never a gap in our conversations, feelings or stories.  We just pick up where we left off last year and keep talking.  I am so looking forward to spending some quality time with my friends and being.... well.... just girls.  I will be back on my blog Friday.  Until then I leave you with this poem from Kenn Nesbitt that I am sure you will like.

I'm building a rocket.
As soon as I'm done
I'm taking my friends
on a trip to the sun.

But what to you mean
that the sun is too hot?
Oh well, I suppose
I'll just pick a new spot.

I'm building a rocket.
I'm finishing soon
and taking my friends
on a trip to the moon!

But what do you mean
that the moon has no air?
Well dang, then I guess
that we can't go up there.

I'm building a rocket.
It's going to fly.
I'm taking my friends
way up high in the sky.

But what do you mean
when you ask how we'll land?
This rocket is harder
to build than I planned.

To heck with the rocket.
It's out in the shed.
I'm taking my friends
out for pizza instead.
--Kenn Nesbitt

Yep, that's just about what we are going to do. Pizza sounds perfect for tonight's dinner but hopefully the shed will not be our restaurant decor.   Tomorrow we are going to go out for high tea, to visit an art gallery, tour an historical house in the area and then dine out.  We are throwing in two pajama parties with lots of gabbing and beverages of our choice ....girl bonding it will be.  Have a great few days and will see you back here on Friday. And yes, I am taking a book along with me to read. What's the book?  "The Hundred Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out Of The Window and Disappeared." by Jonas Jonasson.  

Read on and read always!  Have an amazing day everyone. 

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