Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thorden - a book review

                "I will defend the importance of bedtime stories to my last gasp."  - J.K. Rowling

Today's featured book:

Author:  Martin Allen
Illustrations: Crisanta Baker

Let's take a peek inside shall we?

My take on the book:

Thorden is a wise, ancient, 9 twist tree with only one eye. One night when the fog is rolling in a little girl elf named, Gilraen visits and seeks refuge and shelter. She nestles down in his arm so he can protect her from the darkness and the unknowns she fears may be out there.  She persuades him to tell her how life was before the devastation and he reluctantly agrees.  As she snuggles in for the night, he recounts how a dangerous roaring blaze swept through the area devouring everything in its path.  His little male elf friend Maeglin was in his care but because of the overwhelming force and intensity of the fire his wings had simply withered making it impossible for him to escape the dangerous flames.  Unfortunately Maeglin perished. Thorden fought the fiery beast bravely as best he could as he waved his great arms wildly, but to no avail. 

When morning came and Thorden was awake he discovered Gilraen still safely sound asleep curled up in his arm and he was so grateful to be able to provide that place of peace and comfort for her.  This is a story of trust, friendship, grief and courage. 

The illustrations are rich, original paintings created in ink and vibrant colours.  The author's message is:  "I hope readers will understand the importance of having someone to love and care for.  I also hope they will appreciate how much courage it takes to face a great loss.  The task is made easier when there is someone to love."

Aout the author:

The author was born and raised in Germany and emigrated to the USA. He has authored many technical publications and is internationally renowned for his contributions to the sciences. Thorden represents the author's debut into the genre of Juvenile Fiction.

Book review rating:   8 (Fantastic!)

Read on and read always! 

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