Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Angry Little Puffin - a book review

                Quote of the day:  "Wear the old coat and buy the new book."  - Austin Phelps

Featured book of the day:

Title:  The Angry Little Puffin
Author and Illustrator:  Timothy Young

Let's draw back the curtain and take a look shall we? .....  EEEkkkkkk!  I love them....

So what did I think? Well, let the angry little puffin tell you in his own words....

"Hello you prospective readers of my book."  "I am a Puffin!"  "Look at me real close....see me?"


"I live at the zoo and my roommates are dumb, dorky penguins." "Everyone who saunters by to take a look centres ME out and comments. 'Look at a that funny-looking, kooky little penguin.' "Hello???" "Take a long hard look....focus..."Do I look like a penguin?  NOOOO!!! "I AM A PUFFIN!"

"If another lamebrain human refers to me as a penguin I'm gonna explode."  "Oh no....too late...stand's happening..........."


"Let's get some things straight shall we?"  "Penguins and puffins live at opposite ends of the earth and they can't even fly like me."  "SEE ME?" LOOK.....HERE I GO.....I'm AIRBORNE YA' ALL!    SHEESH!!!" " Stupid penguins can't do that."  "Everyone fusses and gushes over penguins in movies, on t.v., in comics and nobody even knows I'm alive." "It's not fair." "I can't stand it anymore."

"Oh no!"  "Here comes another gawker with her dad."  "I'm putting my wings over my ears and shutting my eyes...NOT LISTENING!!!!"  But wait....she's looking at me and smiling and saying nice things and knows all about puffins."  She likes me.  She really, really likes me."  "Oh my, oh my." "My heart is pounding and the colours on my beak are vibrating and glowing."  "I feel like I am going to faint because my head is spinning and I feel dizzy."  "My heart's all warm and gooey.  I think I'm in love." "OH NO....she's leaving." "Come back little girl....I love you!!!"  " Oh my, oh my, I have to sit down and calm down."  I'm all out of breath....I'm puffin'.  "Yes .... I AM A PUFFIN AND VERY PROUD OF IT.!!! "

P.S.  I'll let Marilyn tell you what she thought won't be as good as mine but hey...she's running the keyboard and I still need some time out still, to still my heart and catch my breath.

 Marilyn here finally: The illustrations are perfect.  I fell in love with the angry little penguin when I first laid eyes on him.  His expressions are priceless, his explosive behaviour quite understandable, and his heart? .....  well, it's vulnerable, raw and very, very tender.  I loved every moment of this story but the illustrations hit it out of the ball park.  When I reflect and think of the angry little guy it brings a smile not only to my face but to my heart.  Highly, highly recommended and extra copies will be needed to pass along to other family members and friends.

About the author/illustrator:

Timothy Young has had a lot of fun jobs; he's been an animator, puppet maker, toy designer, sculptor, art director, illustrator and graphic designer. Tim has designed for Pee-Wee's Playhouse, the Muppets, Disney, the Simpsons and Universal Studios. Now he is the author/illustrator of 5 published picture books including "I Hate Picture Books!", "I'm Looking For A Monster!", and his latest, "The Angry Little Puffin". He lives with his family on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Find out more about him and his books at

Book Rating review:  9 (Close to perfection!)

Read on and read always!  Your day awaits you....... enjoy it!

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