Monday, December 8, 2014

Unwrapping ....."Walk on the Wild Side"

Quote of the day:

"Things are never so scary when you have a best friend."  

Let's peel off the paper and take a look:

Title: Walk on the Wild   Side

Author and Illustrator:
       Nicholas Oldland

Let's open the box and peek inside shall we?

Wait there's more inside.... a note about the book written in rhyme today....

A beaver, a moose and a big old black bear
Climbed up a mountain
Their friendship to share.
It turned into an adventurous race
Each friend was vying for the first place.

After refuelling and grabbing a bite
Moose's long legs gave him some flight
He pressed ever forward, determined to run
But alas and alack, found it not to be fun....
He plummets and tumbles, nearly falls on his head
Is saved by a tree, so glad he's not dead.
He hangs ever so tightly and clings to a limb
He cries out for help....can friend bear rescue him?

Oh no, bear discovers himself too in peril
Beaver must help....but he has to be careful.
He has to work fast, he has to work smart
He thinks how to do it while stilling his heart
His friends are in danger, his friends need a hand
He dons super-powers and goes with his plan.

Hurray all is well, Beaver's plan a success
His friends they are rescued, his friends are the best.
The moral you see is not if you win
But the love for your friends that you carry within.

Taking the author out of the box... where it was very cramped to be I am sure...

Nicholas Oldland is the creative director and one of the owners of an apparel company called Hatley. He has been illustrating prints for children’s pajamas for the past 10 years.
Nicholas always wanted to write a book that you could take to bed with a pair of Hatley pajamas, but he quickly discovered writing a book was a lot harder than he imagined. Instead, he found easier things to do, like going for lunch, playing with his kids and napping.
This all changed one sleepless night when Nicholas blindly scratched out the story for Big Bear Hug. In the morning when he looked at his sketchpad he knew he had something. He spent the next few weeks sketching frantically and when it was all done Nicholas dropped it off at Kids Can Press. This was his first book so he did not know what to expect, but luckily they liked it.
Nicholas had such a good time creating Big Bear Hug that he has started working on a second book. This time he is going to explore the personality of one of Bear’s best friends, Moose.
Unlike most other illustrators and authors, Nicholas’s work can be found on pajamas, and the best place to have a look is on his company’s website:

The bow on the package (like the icing on the cake)

Awards by the author:  

"Making the Moose Out of Life" -2011- Best Children's Books of the Year, Bank Street Children's Book Committee Winner

Other books by this author:

*  Big Bear Hug - 2009

* The Busy Beaver - 2011

* Dinosaur Countdown - 2012

*  Making the Most of Life - 2010

*  Up the Creek - 2013

*  Walk on the Wild Side - 2014

Read on and read always!   Take a walk on the wild side today with a friend or two or ten.  :)

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