Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Letter Beasties - a bookwrap

"From ghouls and ghosties,
And long-legged beasties,
And things that go bump in the night,
Good Lord deliver us!

                                                                        -Scottish saying


"Letter Beasties"

authored and illustrated by

Ron Noble

Let's see what he's been up to shall we?

Unwrapping in a poem....

Letter Beasties in a book?
Dare I even take a look?
Cover seems like so much fun,
Smiling monsters every one!

Carefully, I turn and peer
Alien Beastie does appear.
He starts with "A" and cheers me on,
To meet his friends he'll call upon.

Next there's Boogeyman the "B",
Then there's Creepy, starts with "C".
"A" guides me through the alphabet
Living letters ... won't forget!

Letter creatures, folklore style
Make you laugh, make you smile.
Imagination free to play
Text teaches in a brand new way.

There's Dragon, Gargoyle,
Hobgoblin too,
Ecto, Yeti
Just to name a few.

Each one's different
Unique and fun
No scary monsters, 
No, not one!

Which letter friend
 Would awesome be?
Why Zombie Beastie
The one for me.

The words they flow
The words they rhyme
The Letter Beasties 
Are divine!

Come learn the alphabet, please do...
Beastie friends are calling you!

Who is this talented guy? ...

Ron Noble has been creating cartoons since he could hold a crayon. 
Before he wrote and illustrated "Letter Beasties," Ron began his 
cartooning life by making comic strips to get laughs, but 
has since won an Emmy® Award for directing Rugrats, and has 
directed many Nickelodeon animated tv shows, as well as creating
his own award-winning animated shorts and animated sequences 
on two feature films. 

Ron has illustrated a bunch of picture books including
"I Have a Restaurant" but "Letter Beasties" is his first book as author & illustrator.

When he's not dreaming up beastly ideas Ron plays 
guitar, writes songs, surfs and snowboards
while residing by the beach in Los Angeles, CA.

Learn more about Ron and the Letter Beasties at

Read on and read always!
It's a wrap.

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