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Sneaky Math: a graphic primer with projects - a bookwrap

Unwrapping some math smiles for you ....

Unwrapping Sneaky Cy Tymony

Oh boy, remember those days of sweating it out in math class and the frustrations of sitting at the kitchen table and trying to figure out your math homework so you wouldn't get in trouble the next day at school? Can you recall the frustrations and anxieties? The zombie-like parents that tried to help you out of your math quandary?  And yes, they really did try to help you.  The expensive and often ineffective tutors that came and went? And the incessant staying-after-school-to-get-extra-help-days because math made little sense to you and you wanted to show both your teacher and your parents that you were at least trying?   Oh and who can forget those boring drills and piled-on problem-solving questions that only added to your stress right? "You can't do this math?....ha ha ha...let's give you more to do.... that will fix your problem...good luck with it."

Well Cy Tymony's creative brain has designed a book that might just turn all that math-chaos-in-your-brain totally around.  The primer is practical, full of fun activities, and begs you to get involved. The   hands-on approach will win you over and even help you remember how math works while truly enjoying the experience!  It is a modern day math miracle that your kid's need to discover. 

These easy to make projects help you understand math concepts with ease and with understanding. You can file them away and call them forth for future use when needed.  

Remember these concepts from school? I bet you don't... not all of them anyway:

*Division and multiplication with mixed fractions
*Square roots and exponents
*Algebra variables and functions
*Practical formulas used in every day life
*Geometry and trigonometry techniques
*What calculus is and how it is used
*Unusual math symbols and their usage
*Getting started with scientific calculators
*Using spreadsheets for math operations
*Creating Sneaky Math designs and challenges

OK I'll admit it...even reading the above list gives me hives and a pain in my tummy.  But one thing I do know, this book will ease that pain considerably. As I re-visit these math concepts and  implement the knowledge in this book, I will see them in a brand new light and in a fun manner.  Think how your kids will feel when the lightbulb turns on and they actually "get it."  Whether you are a "newbie" at this math stuff or need a re-fresher's course this book is for you.  I am positive you will love what Cy has to offer you. Problem solved!

Cy Tymony has created his homemade inventions since he was a kid. His imagination and innovative way at looking at the world continues today as a technical writer and computer network specialist in the Los Angeles area. He has appeared on CNN and NPR, and has been featured in the Los Angeles Times and U.S. News & World Report.

Don't miss the Free Projects, Updates, and Corrections at the Author's Websites:

A poem ending for you.... by John

This was a good distraction from class planning. I may have my el ed students try, too.

= 24

Two times two times two times three
is the form that most pleases me.
But even more, what I enjoy,
Is that a number’s like a toy.

Words are beautiful and do delight,
But lack in metamorphing might.
Numbers bend and twist and dance –
They transform given half a chance.

Two tens, four ones, a place to start,
Two dozen (doughnuts) in the cart,
Twice around the clock, a day,
Enough eggs to make up six soufflé

Thrice eight; half of 48 feet tall;
4*3*2*1 (factorial);
25-1 will easily multiply.
24*8 would be good to try.

Don’t wait on me, go find your own,
A form of 24 unknown.
Be clever, be brave, be strong, be bold!
For 24, in carats, is pure gold.

Read on and read always!

It's a wrap.

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