Friday, January 23, 2015

Tomas Loves...a rhyming book about fun, friendship-and autism - a bookwrap

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Authored by Jude Welton and illustrated by Jane Telford.

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This informative, important book, written by Jude Welton and illustrated by Jane Telford, for ages 2+, is one that everyone should read.

Written in rhyme it documents a loving family and how they cope with autism in their special little boy.  They understand that he is different from other little guys and they make beautiful provisions for those differences.  Together, mom and Tomas map out his day so he won't be scared or worried about what is to come.  Both she and his dad read to him in a quiet, gentle manner to sooth the assault from the world around him through bustling crowds, loud noises and improper foods that he could ingest to make his tummy sore.  They guide his day for success with proper toys (he especially loves his train that goes round and round, and playing with tiny wee toys, and his trampoline time that brings him to  giggles).  They create a calm atmosphere so he can be more relaxed and know in his heart, that no matter what comes his way he is loved, safe and precious to them. If there is any deviation from the plan, which may cause stress or upset, they immediately inform Tomas so he won't start flapping.

His faithful companion Flynn, his best friend in a doggie body, is always there for him to comfort and give him constant love and interaction.  Tomas is surrounded by positive, intentional care which greatly benefits the quality of his life and puts a smile on both his face and his parents'.

The illustrations add so much to the storyline.  Some are playful, some are serious, but all give you a perfect visual of a day in the life of Tomas, a little boy who is different, but "loves fun and friendship - just like you!"

  1. Jude Welton has a 9-year-old son with AS. Originally trained as a child psychologist specializing in autism, she is a freelance writer, writing mainly on the arts. She recently started writing about and for children with AS.

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