Thursday, January 22, 2015

Eat, Leo! Eat! - a bookwrap

Unwrapping some family quotes for you today...


Today's book is a family album waiting for us to open and enjoy....

Written by Caroline Adderson and illustrated by Josée Bisaillon this book will be released on April 1, 2015.

Let's turn some pages and see what the family is up to...

Every Sunday the family is invited to Nonna's house for a boisterous, delicious Sunday lunch. Mom, Dad, aunts, uncles, cousins...they are all represented at the dinner party.  The family eagerly gathers around the table salivating for Nonna's homemade pasta...everyone that is, except Leo. Where can he be?  Did anyone see where he is hiding? 

Nonna, very concerned for her little bambino asks him what is the matter.  He tells her he is not hungry and does not want to eat. That is when his wise, loving Grandma works her magic, and finds the perfect way not only to get Leo to join the others at the table but also to eat each and every lovely morsel she prepares and serves to him.  

As she distributes her mouthwatering creations, using her native language to embellish her dishes, she tells little Leo a cumulative story each week that draws him deeper into the adventure, and his plate, making him happy to partake of her delicious food.

The story is of a little boy who goes to see his Nonna at night. She cleverly weaves her pasta she is serving that particular day into the storyline and Leo eats it up....literally.  Yum!

The illustrations are expressive and whimsical adding charm and richness to the tale and highlighting the text perfectly.   

I enjoyed the book immensely and recommend it to my readers.

Caroline Adderson grew up in Sherwood Park, Alberta, at a time when it was surrounded by farms and acreages.  The housing development where she lived was buffered by woods.  She and her friends ran wild there and only came home to eat.
When she finished high school, Caroline left home to spend a year traveling around Canada with the youth program Katimavik doing all kinds of jobs like sheep farming and carpentry and working in a community radio station.  She came to Vancouver to attend university and, except for a year spent in New Orleans and another in Toronto, she has lived in Vancouver ever since.
Caroline first began writing for adults.  When her son was five she wrote some simple stories based on the adventures they shared.  Eventually these were collected in her first children’s book, I, Bruno.  She later wrote a sequel, Bruno For Real, then began to get a lot of ideas for other books not based on real life, such as Very Serious Children, a novel about two brothers, the sons of clowns, who run away from the circus.  Her teen novella Film Studies was published in 2010. Her latest books are Jasper John DooleyStar of the Week for the primary set, and a middle-grade novel, Middle of Nowhere.
Caroline writes for readers of all ages every day.  She also does a little teaching at Simon Fraser University and hangs out with her husband and the same son who lied to her when he promised he’d always be seven.  He’s twelve now and he and his many friends continue to inspire Caroline’s children’s writing, as does their tree-climbing Jack Russell, Mickey.  For fun, Caroline writes, reads, walks the dog, gardens, cooks and travels.  She is interested in almost everything except watching television.
Her advice to young writers is to read, read, read and write, write, write, and never get a Jack Russell terrier.

Read on and read always!

It's a wrap.
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