Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hi My Name is Bobo - a bookwrap


Hi My Name is Bobo (A Weekend in the Life of a 5th Grader)

Authored by: James Gordon

Can you remember "back in the day" when life was simple, donuts were a celebration, and Saturday morning was reserved for all-morning cartoon viewing?  Well this wonderful, heartwarming book will provide a trip down memory lane and a jumping off point to converse with your child as to how your childhood was spent as opposed to his present day one.  

James Gordon documents a typical weekend in the life of a 5th grader. Bobo and his brother Smiley are immersed in viewing  television shows that the whole family rallied around, sibling rivalry (and camaraderie ) at its best, scrumptious food that mom prepared, and of course, going to church as a family on Sunday.  He unwraps a nostalgic, slice of life that takes you back to the 70's and highlights how kids were allowed to be kids and how they revelled in the importance of family relationships and what made them happy at that time.

The inserted photos are a great addition to the narrative and the fact that the main character is an African American boy is a very important component to the book, as the picture book industry seems to be lacking in that area.   I highly recommend this book.

James Gordon is from Chicago Illinois and has one book to his credit, the DJ Gatsby Book Club Children's Book of the Year, Hi My Name is Bobo. Under his pen name G.P.A.(Greatest Poet Alive) he has penned five additional books and garnered several awards. James has crossed over into to the storytelling scene in Chicago and can be seen on the tv shows(Chicago PD, Chicago Fire, Sirens, and Empire).
Twitter: @gr8estpoetalive

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