Thursday, February 12, 2015

If I had as many grandchildren as you...a bookwrap

It is positively freezing outside here today, we maybe even set a record low.  Wow!  Glad I am indoors and doing this because anything outside could be dangerous to your health.  Cute book for you today, maybe cute isn't the correct word...maybe sweet, heartwarming is best way to describe it.  Stay with me as I unwrap....

This book is authored by Lori Stewart.  I featured her work a little while ago.  You may remember the post ...

Her books have received many rewards and rightly so.  Her rhyming is contagious and makes the books so fun to read out loud. Let's unwrap a few pages between the covers to let you have a little peek.

This is the narrator of the story, Grand Paws, a wise old lion who gives advice to grandparents about wondrous places in the world to explore, and how kid's imaginations can be sparked and nurtured enabling them to create, play, romp freely, sing and celebrate their childhood.  

"The whole weary world would stop and start staring
At grandchildren dancing and laughing and caring.
And thus would they learn that life is for sharing!
Those are but a few of the things I would do,
If I had as many grandchildren as you."

The story is interjected with fascinating photos of interesting art forms, wonders of the ancient world, and 'pop' culture.  There are 41 extraordinary visuals to feast your eyes on.  Here's a little taste of what you will find:

This book is suitable for ages 3+.  The author wrote this book after talking to a friend who had eleven grandchildren all living nearby.  She started pondering what would happen if they descended on her all at once.  Oh my!  This book is the result of her musings. Her message is positive, uplifting and full of adventure, placing the grandparents in the role of "memory makers." A coveted position indeed and much valued by the younger generation.   I highly recommend this book. 

Lori Stewart is an award-winning author of multi-generational books and a range of other works. Born and raised in northern California, she graduated from Santa Clara University with a degree in economics and headed East for careers in finance and technology. She returned to her California roots in 2004 and currently lives and writes in Carmel. In addition to writing, Lori ran AFTA Associates, a non-profit organization she founded to support wildlife conservation through community enterprise. She also works with the recently launched Ceca Foundation, which promotes quality patient care through programs that recognize exceptional caregivers.
Grandma, Aren’t You Glad the World’s Finally in Color Today! is her second grandparents’ book, and winner of a Mom’s Choice Award (Gold).  Her first bookIf I had as many grandchildren as you… received a 2013 Gelett Burgess Children’s Book Award and 2012 and 2013 Family Choice Awards. Her other writing have been published in books, brochures, magazines and across the web.

Smile for you...

Read on and read always!
It's a wrap.

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