Friday, February 13, 2015

The Flat Rabbit- a bookwrap

It is -37 degrees celsius as I post today. I am grateful to be indoors, in a warm house, food in my cupboards and safe from these brutal elements.  It is a perfect day to be still and read, fireplace burning of course, and perhaps a nice cup of chai to make the experience perfect.  Unwrapping a charming tale for you today....


Authored and illustrated by Bardur Oskarsson

Let's unwrap it further shall we and peek inside.

Unwrapping the story... in rhyme...

The Flat Rabbit

A cute little dog
And his friend that's a rat,
Find a motionless rabbit,
On the road lying flat.

Compassion kicks in
Oh what should be done?
They can't leave her there
Lying still in the sun.

They converse and they puzzle, 
An idea they create,
They work through the night
Deciding her fate.

They carefully scrape up
The rabbit's remains
And attach her still body
To a kite's wooden frame.

They rescue the rabbit
And treat her with love,
They fly her kite high
O're the city above.

"The Flat Rabbit" is gentle,
A story with heart,
Respectful and caring,
Towards those who depart.

So talk with your kids,
Everything has a season...
Help them to know,
Help them to reason.

And when the time comes,
With death they must deal
They will understand,
They will know how to feel.

The illustrations are created with pen, ink and watercolours and the colour pallet is muted and limited to pale blue, rosy pink and tan, with very minimal text.  The story themes are friendship, compassion, working together towards a common goal, problem solving, doing what's right and respectful, and coping with a death (even if it's a strangers.)  I highly, highly recommend his book.  

  1. Bรกrรฐur Oskarsson is a Faroese children's writer, illustrator and artist, who has won several literary awards. His books have been translated into Danish, Norwegian, Icelandic, French, German and Czech.Wikipedia
  2. Born1972

Read on and read always!

It's a wrap.


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