Friday, February 20, 2015

The Wise Boy - a bookwrap


Unwrapping further to take a peek inside...

In an African village lives a little boy that is so wise he is made chief of his village.  Chief Wusuri walks around his territory daily, listening to the plights of his people and solving their problems.  He always listens very carefully to their disagreements and then offers a sound solution that is for the good of all involved.  He dispenses just, fair advice and he has a great heart for the well-being of everyone in his tribe.  

One such incident involves a chicken.  Everyone claims that the chicken belongs to them and fights break out because each person says that the chicken is theirs.  Chief Wusuri intervenes and comes up with a great solution.  He says why not kill the chicken, cook the chicken and then everyone involved in the dispute can eat the chicken.  One villager begins to cry and protest, saying he does not want the chicken to be killed.  The wise boy then knows who the true owner of the hen is...the crying man...because he did not want to see his beloved pet destroyed.  

One man lost his cornbread and came running to the chief for help in finding it.  The wise boy says they would not find the bread thief because he was hungry and wanted something to eat.  Chief Wusuri takes the full blame saying it is his fault because no one in his village should ever be hungry.  He orders his men to fetch cornmeal out of his own storehouse and "Make enough bread for everyone."  That night there is a huge, happy celebration and no one in the village goes to bed hungry.  

All this hard work and problem solving makes the little boy very tired after a long day, after all he is still a little boy.  He goes home and crawls up into his mother's arms and wrapped in a snuggly hug, he falls fast asleep.

The book has a portion in the back to give you information about how to be a good leader. There is a Reader's Theatre edition of the book where you can scan the QR code on the book for ideas and activities or visit their website at:

Read on and read always!

It's a wrap.

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