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Bugs Bugs Bugs Everywhere There Are Bugs! - a bookwrap

I love teeny tiny ants
and itchy bitsy fleas,
spiders, big and little,
and grouchy grumble bees.

butterflies that flutter by
and beetles when they run
from marching caterpillars
I think bugs are fun.

Skeeters like to bite me,
and lightning bugs, they don't,
and flies that get inside the house
could bite, but they won't.

Silly racing centipedes
and slow and slimy slugs
are my very special favorites.


- C.J. Heck


Author and Illustrator:  Peter Richards
Ages 3-8

Let's take a peek inside shall we?

This fun, simple book will be a catalyst to get kids interested, thinking about, researching and seeking out the bugs in the world around them.  It will open their eyes and minds to the fact that there are bugs everywhere, some good and some dangerous to the environment and to your health.  Its mission is to teach kids not to fear these insects but to become aware of their existence in nature.  The kid-friendly pictures are humorous and child-like and the simplicity of the text is great for beginner readers.  This is Peter Richard's debut book and is available as an ebook or in paperback.

In his childhood, author Peter Richards would catch spiders and keep them in jars, hidden in the shed from his mother. Every day he would catch flies and other bugs to feed them. One day his mother found them and told him to get rid of them, but he did not. He found a new hiding place: under his bed. “Bugs Bugs Bugs Everywhere There Are Bugs” (published by Xlibris AU) is a book relating to his love for bugs. 
Sharing a book that spells his love for bugs, Richards entertains readers with a light read for all who wish to know more about the tiny creature. He describes how they can and do interact with people’s lives, in a way that will appeal to children aged three to eight. It shows and teaches young minds that bugs can be found anywhere and if they do not wish to be scared or surprised by them, they need to look out for them. This is also the book for nature lovers and curios minds out there. It offers a fun-filled learning for young and old alike, allowing them to easily relate to the words and illustrations found throughout the pages. 
“It will appeal to readers because the words are simple and the illustrations are colorful, quirky and fun,” Richards says. “Plus the book demonstrates everyday events between people and Bugs all over the world.”

About the Author
Peter Richards grew up in South Australia, until he moved to the Upper Hunter, New South Wales, in his early twenties. He lives with his loving spouse, May, and four children, Kelly-Anne, Matthew, Patrick and Sophie-Lee. They all support him in his writing and help him come up with new story ideas. Without the kind words and support from Pat Battista the local school librarian, now retired, he may never have finished this book and published it. He is also thankful to two local authors, Simone Bailey and Leonie Rogers, for their support and encouragement.

Read on and read always!

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