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Get Life Right - an adult bookwrap

Unwrapping some life wisdom...

Unwrapping ...

Get Life Right

Ten Minute Reads 
Your Companion for Personal Growth,
Prosperity and Fulfillment

Authored by David A. Dunn

"Oprah calls it "becoming the fullest expression of the person you are meant to be." Your life is right when you are happy, secure and confident in your ability to create a fulfilling life and respond well to whatever happens.

Get Life Right contains shortcuts to a better life in Ten Minute Reads on 70 different topics.  It is a reference book that enables you to erase your negativity and fill you with thoughts of empowerment and self -worth.

Reading segments can help you expand the relationships you are involved in, magnetize people to come into your life, and put you on the right track towards a happier more successful future.  It gives you ideas and advice for living at your optimum and loving your life as you progress.  It highlights your value and worthiness and encourages you to be all that you were created to be.  In doing so you will experience peace, satisfaction plus increased energization to take you to the next new level of .... you! 

It is a reference book - a life journey guide - offering you insights and solutions that you can start on immediately.  Words of wisdom are expounded that can literally change your life forever.  I highly recommend it.

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"As a young man, Dave struggled with school and personal growth. Talk of the Great Depression and the end World War II made him frugal and a bit discourage, yet focused. He followed the advice of several self-help books and, as a result, he got a college degree and a broker s license by the time he was twenty-one. He chose real estate where schooling smarts were not as important as judgment, common sense, a good plan, imagination, and the will to make his plan work. Through personal and professional experience, Dave overcame his timid nature by acting as if ; he dealt with his dyslexia head on staying organized, attempting fewer things at once, and gathering more information before making decisions; and he conquered his anxiety with rigorous exercise. The ideas in this book directly reflect the knowledge and experience Dave learned that helped him retire young, comfortable and happy. He is confident that they will increase your potential and enjoyment of life, too. Now in his 70 s, Dave runs the Great Silverado Foot race and mountain bikes some of the country's greatest trails."

Read on and read always!

It's a wrap.

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