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Modern Art Adventures - a bookwrap

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Authored  by Maja Pitamic and Jill Laidlaw.  Ages 6+

Further titles in the "Art Adventure" series are planned for 2016 - including books on the great masters, 3-D art and street art.

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This fabulous book teaches kids the importance of art in our lives and how art reflects our history, our thoughts, our feelings and changing societies.  Kids can learn from an early age how to appreciate art and play and experiment, expressing their own ideas and creativity.  

Each of the book's seven chapters covers a particular movement of modern art: 

*Impressionism: with projects based on works of art by: Monet, Degas and Kroyer

* Expressionism: with projects based on the works of:  Munch, Marc, and Barlach

* Portraits:  with projects based on the works of: Kahlo, Picasso and Van Gogh

*Abstract: with projects based on the works of:  Delauney (Robert), Pollack and Mondrian

*Graphic Art: with projects based on works of:  Beardsley and Bass

*Pop Art: with projects based on works of:  Warhol and Lichtenstein

*Street Art: with projects based on works of:  Banksy and Roa

All the artists are listed at the end of the book with their biography and a glossary also is included.

The introduction is by Rachael Popeik, Family Programs Educator at the Museum of Modern Art and a Senior Museum Educator and Teacher Services Coordinator at Brooklyn Museum.  Shes holds a Masters in History of Art from Courtlauld Institute of Art. 

Projects begin by exploring the story behind the 18 well-known works of modern art and then continue with a question and answer section. Then the fun really begins as kids are set free to create their own masterpieces based on the techniques and visual effects of each featured piece of art.  Your child is encouraged to work with a wide range of media, from tissue paper mosaics to stencils, to comic cut-outs, with a variety of difficulty levels.  

This book is inspiring, creative, encouraging and would be a wonderful addition for homeschoolers, art teachers, or any person who wants to let their little boy or girl out to play with the spirit of the art world.  Highly recommended and I look forward to future books in the series.

  1. Maja Pitamic is the author of the popular titles I Can Do It and Child’s Play, both successful activity books for pre-school children. She has over twenty years’ experience of teaching young children. As well as being qualified as a Montessori Teacher, Maja also holds a degree in Art History. She currently teaches art to young children at a school in Bickley, Kent.

  1. Jill Laidlaw has commissioned, edited and written children’s non-fiction and adult non-fiction books, including works on the history of Western paining, the history of Western sculpture and monographs on Paul Klee and Frida Kahlo. Jill has a degree in Art History from the University of St Andrews. 

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